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A role defines a set of privileges. It can be assigned to another role or to a user. A role's privileges automatically become the privileges of any other role or any user that the role is assigned to. A user can be assigned any number of roles. As a result, a user will have all the privileges defined in the multiple assigned roles.


The following roles are predefined:

authenticated is automatically assigned to every user except anonymous. So a user with a name-and-password is assigned the authenticated role.

all is automatically assigned to every user including anonymous.

workflow-designer is assigned to users that design workflows in MobileTogether Designer. This role allows a user to open and save workflows, as well as to run a simulation on the server.

workflow-user is assigned to users running the workflow on a mobile device. This role allows the user to access the service interface without needing to log in to the server and start the solution on the client.

admin has all available privileges and is intended for users that are to function as administrators.


Via the Users and Roles | Roles tab, you can create new roles, edit the properties of roles, and assign roles to users and/or other roles. Click the name of a role to access its Properties page, where you can select/deselect privileges and assign the role to a user and/or other roles.



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