Altova MobileTogether Server 

Syntax and description

The upgradedb command updates the structure of the internal MobileTogether Server database to that of the new MobileTogether Server version and inserts correct default values. This is necessary if the structure of the DB changes from one version of MobileTogether Server to the next. The DB structure needs to be updated in order for the new version to work with the existing data. All solutions that exist in the old database will be available in the upgraded database.


If an error occurs during the upgrade, the upgrade is stopped and is rolled back.


The --nosamples option enables you to install a new database so that it has none of the Altova sample solutions. This is useful if you want to install a clean MobileTogether Server that would have only the solutions that you want to deploy there.


mobiletogetherserver upgradedb [options]




Example of the upgradedb command:


mobiletogetherserver upgradedb --nosamples



Use the --h, --help  option to display information about the command.



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