Altova MobileTogether Server 

The Workflows tab (screenshot below, showing the Advanced edition) provides an interface for managing the container structure of the root folder of MobileTogether Server and the access rights (permissions) for each container. Containers are folders that contain sub-containers and/or solutions (also called design files or .mtd files). MTD files cannot be added to a container via the server's Web UI, but are deployed to the server from MobileTogether Designer. At deployment, the exact path to a container must be specified; this is facilitated by being able to browse, in MobileTogether Designer, to the required container.

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The Workflows tab initially displays the root container, which is denoted by the "/" character.

Click the Down arrows next to a container's name to display the sub-containers of that container; click a sub-container in the pop-up list to go to that sub-container.

To go to a container, click it.

Every level that you descend in the hierarchy of containers is displayed at the top of the window as a "breadcrumbs" path. The Down arrow of each level displays the sub-containers of that container, so you can navigate easily to different containers.


To select a container, click the container's check box. Selections are used for renaming, moving, and deleting containers (see Functionality below).




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