Altova MobileTogether Server 

Syntax and description

The grant command sets what permissions a principal (user or role) has for a specific container. The server must be stopped before this command is executed.


mobiletogetherserver grant [options] Principal Path Container Workflow Security


All five arguments are mandatory.

Principal specifies the user or role for which permissions are being assigned. The principal must already be defined on the server.

Path specifies the path to the container for which permissions are being assigned. The path to the container must be an absolute path starting at the directory root.

Container specifies the container's permission level (read-write | read | inherit | none).

Workflow specifies the workflow's permission level (read-write-use | read-use | inherit | none).

Security specifies the level of access the principal has to the container's security settings (read-write | read | inherit | none).


Note:For a description of the values of permissions, see Workflows | Permissions.




Examples of the grant command:


mobiletogetherserver grant tech-01 /public/contact read-write read-write-use read-write

mobiletogetherserver grant tech-02 /public/contact inherit inherit inherit

mobiletogetherserver grant tech-03 /public/contact read read-use none




Use the --h, --help  option to display information about the command.


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