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Information for Clients

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The MobileTogether Client app on mobile devices will need to connect to MobileTogether Server. The following server information will be required by the MobileTogether Client app.


IP Address

The IP address of MobileTogether Server


The HTTP or HTTPS port, which is specified in the Mobile Client Ports setting


Whether communication should be SSL encrypted or not

User name

As what user to log in. This will determine access rights. See Users and Roles


The password of the user account


Note:Data that is saved on the web client is saved in the local storage (aka web storage) of your browser. HTML 5.0 local storage is supported in the following browsers:


IE 8.0+

Firefox 3.5+

Safari 4.0+

Chrome 4.0+

Opera 10.5+

iPhone 2.0+

Android 2.0+


Updating server settings on client devices

In order for a client device to run a solution, the server's access settings must be configured on that device. If the server settings change—for example, if the MobileTogether Server is moved to another machine that has a different IP address—then the server settings on client devices must be modified accordingly. In MobileTogether Designer, you can use the MobileTogether function mt-server-config-url to generate a URL that contains the new server settings and looks something like this: mobiletogether://mt/change-settings?settings=<json encoded settings>. This URL can be sent as an email link to client users. When the link is tapped, server settings on the client are automatically updated. See the MobileTogether Designer user manual for more information about generating this URL.


Running multiple workflows on web clients

A web client can run multiple workflows (solutions) in parallel, each in a separate tab. Additionally, in each tab, the previous workflow is kept in memory as long as the session is active, and the previous workflow can be reloaded by pressing F5 (Reload). Note the following: (i) Running multiple workflows in parallel will use up the server's memory; (ii) While a solution is running in the active tab, solutions in background tabs can timeout.


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