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Full path: /system/ftp/store


Uploads a file to the FTP server.


This function returns Boolean TRUE if execution was successful. If the job execution fails, the outcome depends on the value of the Abort on error parameter, as follows:


If the Abort on error parameter is TRUE (default value), the job execution is aborted. In this case, you can still handle errors by means of protected blocks (see Handling Step Errors).
If the Abort on error parameter is FALSE, the function returns FALSE.






FTP Server


Address of the remote FTP server, either as a URL or IP address.


Mandatory parameter.



The port number used to connect to the FTP server. The default value is 21.

Directory on host


The name of the directory, on the host, where you want to store the file.


Optional parameter.

Login credentials


The username and password of the FTP account, as a FlowForce credential record, see Credentials.


Skip this parameter if the FTP server does not require credentials.

Use passive mode


Use passive mode if connection problems occur (for example, if routers or firewalls are set up to prevent active connections).

Source file


The name of the file to be uploaded to the FTP Server.


Mandatory parameter.

Target file


The name the file should have once it is uploaded to the FTP Server. This can be different from the Source File.


Mandatory parameter.

Abort on error


This Boolean parameter determines what should be the return value of the function if the job fails. If Abort on error is FALSE, the function will return Boolean FALSE as well. If Abort on error is TRUE, the job execution is aborted. The default value is TRUE.

Working directory


Specifies the working directory of the job (for example, c:\somedirectory). If relative paths are used, they will be resolved against the working directory.



The FTP account name of the user allowed access to the files on the remote server.


Optional parameter.

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