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This command lists taxonomies under the management of Taxonomy Manager. The list displays one of the following


All available taxonomies

Taxonomies containing in their name the string submitted as a Taxonomy argument

Only installed taxonomies

Only taxonomies that can be upgraded



<exec> list | ls [options] Taxonomy?


If no Taxonomy argument is submitted, then all available taxonomies are listed. Otherwise, taxonomies are listed as specified by the submitted options (see example below). Note that you can submit the Taxonomy argument multiple times.



The list command takes the following options:


--installed, --i

List only installed taxonomies. The default is false.

--upgradeable, --u

List only taxonomies where upgrades (patches) are available. The default is false.

--help, --h

Display help for the command.




To list all available taxonomies, run: taxonomymanager list

To list installed taxonomies only, run: taxonomymanager list -i

To list taxonomies that contain either "eba" or "us-gaap" in their name, run: taxonomymanager list eba us-gaap


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