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Run Schema Manager

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Graphical User Interface

You can access the GUI of Schema Manager in any of the following ways:


During the installation of RaptorXML+XBRL Server: Towards the end of the installation procedure, select the check box Invoke Altova XML-Schema Manager to access the Schema Manager GUI straight away. This will enable you to install schemas during the installation process of your Altova application.

Via the .altova_xmlschemas file downloaded from the Altova website: Double-click the downloaded file to run the Schema Manager GUI, which will be set up to install the schemas you selected (at the website) for installation.


After the Schema Manager GUI (screenshot below) has been opened, already installed schemas will be shown selected. If you want to install an additional schema, select it. If you want to uninstall an already installed schema, deselect it. After you have made your selections and/or deselections, you are ready to apply your changes. The schemas that will be installed or uninstalled will be highlighted and a message about the upcoming changes will be posted to the Messages pane at the bottom of the Schema Manager window (see screenshot).

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Command line interface

You can run Schema Manager from a command line interface by sending commands to its executable file, xmlschemamanager.exe.


The xmlschemamanager.exe file is located in the following folder:


On Windows: C:\ProgramData\Altova\SharedBetweenVersions

On Linux or macOS (server applications only): %INSTALLDIR%/bin, where %INSTALLDIR% is the program's installation directory.


You can then use any of the commands listed in the CLI command reference section.


To display help for the commands, run the following:


On Windows: xmlschemamanager.exe --help

On Linux or macOS (server applications only): sudo ./xmlschemamanager --help


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