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Patch or Install a Schema

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Patch an installed schema

Occasionally, XML schemas may receive patches (upgrades or revisions) from their issuers. When Schema Manager detects that patches are available, these are indicated in the schema listings of Schema Manager and you can install the patches quickly.


In the GUI

Patches are indicated by the icSchemaPatch icon. (Also see the previous topic about status categories.) If patches are available, the Patch Selection button will be enabled. Click it to select and prepare all patches for installation. In the GUI, the icon of each schema that will be patched changes from icSchemaPatch to icSchemaUpgrade, and the Messages pane at the bottom of the dialog lists the patches that will be applied. When you are ready to install the selected patches, click Apply. All patches will be applied together. Note that if you deselect a schema marked for patching, you will actually be uninstalling that schema.


On the CLI

To apply a patch at the command line interface:


1.Run the list -u command. This lists any schemas for which upgrades are available.

2.Run the upgrade command to install all the patches.


Install an available schema

You can install schemas using either the Schema Manager GUI or by sending Schema Manager the install instructions via the command line.


Note: If the current schema references other schemas, the referenced schemas are also installed.



In the GUI

To install schemas using the Schema Manager GUI, select the schemas you want to install and click Apply.


You can also select the schemas you want to install at the Altova website and generate a downloadable .altova_xmlschemas file. When you double-click this file, it will open Schema Manager with the schemas you wanted pre-selected. All you will now have to do is click Apply.



On the CLI

To install schemas via the command line, run the install command:


xmlschemamanager.exe install [options] Schema+


where Schema is the schema (or schemas) you want to install or a .altova_xmlschemas file. A schema is referenced by an identifier of format <name>-<version>. (The identifiers of schemas are displayed when you run the list command.) You can enter as many schemas as you like. For details, see the description of the install command.


Note:On Linux or macOS, use the sudo ./xmlschemamanager command.



Installing a required schema

When you run an XML-schema-related command in RaptorXML+XBRL Server and RaptorXML+XBRL Server discovers that a schema it needs for executing the command is not present or is incomplete, Schema Manager will display information about the missing schema/s. You can then directly install any missing schema via Schema Manager.


In the Schema Manager GUI, you can view all previously installed schemas at any time by running Schema Manager from Tools | Schema Manager.



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