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The name of the certificate used for signing.



This is the Subject name of a certificate from the selected --certificate-store.


Example to list the certificates (under PowerShell)

% ls cert://CurrentUser/My

PSParentPath: Microsoft.PowerShell.Security\Certificate::CurrentUser\My

Thumbprint Subject

---------- -------

C9DF64BB0AAF5FA73474D78B7CCFFC37C95BFC6C CN=certificate1

... CN=...


Example: --certificate-name==certificate1




--certname specifies the file name of a PEM encoded X.509v3 certificate with the private key. Such files usually have the extension .pem.


Example: --certificate-name==/path/to/certificate1.pem


COM and .NET


Signature: CertificateName(string name)




Signature: public void setCertificateName(string name)


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