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Altova RaptorXML+XBRL Server 2022

The location where the certificate specified with --certificate-name is stored.



The name of a certificate store under cert://CurrentUser. The available certificate stores can be listed (under PowerShell) by using % ls cert://CurrentUser/. Certificates would then be listed as follows:


Name : TrustedPublisher

Name : ClientAuthIssuer

Name : Root

Name : UserDS

Name : CA

Name : ACRS


Name : AuthRoot

Name : MSIEHistoryJournal

Name : TrustedPeople

Name : MyCertStore

Name : Local NonRemovable Certificates

Name : SmartCardRoot

Name : Trust

Name : Disallowed


Example: --certificate-store==MyCertStore




The --certstore option is currently not supported.


COM and .NET


Signature: CertificateStore(string filelocation)




Signature: public void setCertificateStore(string filelocation)


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