XBRL Validation Commands

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XBRL Validation Commands

The XBRL validation commands can be used to validate XBRL instance documents and XBRL taxonomies according to the XBRL 2.1, Dimensions 1.0 and Formula 1.0 specifications. The available commands are listed below and described in detail in the sub-sections of this section:



valxbrl | xbrl

Validates an XBRL instance document (.xbrl extension).

valinlinexbrl (ixbrl)

Validates one or more Inline XBRL (iXBRL) documents according to the Inline XBRL 1.0 or Inline XBRL 1.1 specification

valxbrltaxonomy | dts

Validates an XBRL taxonomy (schema) document (.xsd extension).

valtaxonomypackage | taxpkg

Validates one or more XBRL taxonomy packages according to the Taxonomy 1.0 Packages specification.


Validates one or more XBRL versioning reports according to the XBRL Versioning 1.0 specification.


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