Altova MobileTogether Server Advanced Edition


Given below is a list of important folders in your MobileTogether Server setup.



Filesystem triggers and permissions

In order for filesystem triggers to be fired, the user that started the MobileTogether Server service (altovamobiletogetherserver) must have the following permissions:


For the triggered folder: Read and Execute

For the triggered file: Read

For ancestor folders of the triggered folder: Read and Execute



File-based databases

File-based databases (such as SQLite databases) must reside in the folder defined in the Settings tab of MobileTogether Server as the Server Side Solution's Working Directory. By default, this folder is:




Adding class paths to the MobileTogether service file on CentOS

If your MobileTogether Server is installed on CentOS, you will need to add the class path to the mobiletogether.service file (which should be located at /usr/lib/systemd/system/mobiletogether.service).


Add the class path as follows:


1.In the mobiletogether.service file, find the [Service] section, which begins with "PIDFile=/var ..."

2.Above the [Service] section add the line: Environment="CLASSPATH=<classpaths-go-here>"


Database connections

On Linux, the following database connections are supported:


JDBC — You can use JDBC for all supported databases except Microsoft Access

Native connections — Currently available for SQLite and PostgreSQL databases


If you are using JDBC, note the following points:


The Java Runtime Environment or SDK must be installed.

The JDBC drivers for the target database must be installed.

The following environment variables must be set correctly for your environment:

οCLASSPATH: to find the jar-files that connect to the JDBC database; the jar-files can be entered either in (i) an executable script (like that is executed on system start or (ii) a unit file that is executed when MobileTogether Server is started as a service. Using a unit file to specify the jar-files has the advantage that the files required for MobileTogether Server's JDBC connections will be located without you having to modify the existing system configuration. A unit file is listed below.

οPATH: to find the JRE, but might not be necessary depending on the installation

οJAVA_HOME: if necessary, depending on the installation.


Listing of important files

The following shell script (or unit file) is copied to the folder /opt/Altova/MobileTogetherServer/etc so as not to overwrite already existing configuration files. Make the necessary changes as required. Also see the section JDBC Connections above. The parts highlighted in blue are environment-specific and need to be adjusted to match your environment:



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