Altova MobileTogether Server Advanced Edition

Syntax and description

The help command takes a single argument (Command), which is the name of the command for which help is required. It displays the command's syntax, its options, and other relevant information. If the Command argument is not specified, then all commands of the executable are listed, with each having a brief text description.


mobiletogetherserver help Command





Example of the help command to display information about the licenserver command:


mobiletogetherserver help licenseserver


The --help option

Help information about a command is also available by using the --help option of the command for which help information is required. The two commands below produce the same results:


mobiletogetherserver licenseserver --help


The command above uses the --help option of the licenseserver command.


mobiletogetherserver help licenseserver


The help command takes licenseserver as its argument.


Both commands display help information about the licenseserver command.

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