Altova MobileTogether Server Advanced Edition

Syntax and description

The createrole command creates a MobileTogether Server role and assigns this role the privileges specified with the Privileges argument.


mobiletogetherserver createrole [options] Role [Privileges]


The Role argument is the name of the MobileTogether Server role to be created.

The Privileges argument is a comma-separated list of the privileges to be granted to the role.

Use the --h, --help  option to display information about the command.




Examples of the createrole command:


mobiletogetherserver createrole MyNewRole maintain-users,set-own-password,override-security  


The command adds a new role named MyNewRole, which has the privileges maintain-users, set-own-password, override-security.



Use the --h, --help  option to display information about the command.


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