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Altova MobileTogether Server Advanced Edition

Syntax and description

The setsmtp command enables you to configure the email server's settings. The arguments of the command are equivalent to the values set in the Misc tab of the Settings page. The server must be stopped before this command is executed.


mobiletogetherserver setsmtp [options] --host=StringValue --port=StringValue --ssl=true|false [--user=StringValue] [--password=StringValue]


The --host, --port, and --ssl arguments are mandatory.

host and port specify the SMTP host name and SMTP port of your ISP's SMTP server. These details are provided to you by your ISP.

ssl specifies whether SSL is used or not.

user specifies the user name of an email account that is registered with the email service provider.

password specifies the user password.




Examples of the setsmtp command:


mobiletogetherserver setsmtp --host=mySMTPServer --port=25 --ssl=false

mobiletogetherserver setsmtp --host=mySMTPServer --port=25 --ssl=false --user=AltovaMT --password=MyPassword



Use the --h, --help  option to display information about the command.

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