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Altova MobileTogether Server Advanced Edition

These settings enable a user who comes from a solution on another MobileTogether Server and who has been authenticated on that server to start a solution on this MobileTogether Server without needing to go through a log on a second MobileTogether Server.


If you want to allow authentication to be securely carried over from one MobileTogether Server to the current one, select Enable, and enter the authentication settings:


Authentication Host: This is the IP address of the machine hosting the MobileTogether Server where the authentication ha been carried out.

Authentication Mobile Client Port: This is the port through which client devices connect to the server. Note that: (i) both servers must use SSL encryption (HTTPS connections), and (ii) that both solutions (the calling and called) must be run for anonymous users. Also see Network Settings.

Audience: This is a string the defines the audience of solutions for which authentication is allowed. Solutions that send a user to a solution on the current MobileTogether Server must be designed (in MobileTogether Designer) to send the same Audience string to ensure that the audiences match.


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