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How to Back Up and Restore MobileTogether Server

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This section describes how to back up and restore MobileTogether Server.


Backing up MobileTogether Server consists of copying essential application data files to a safe location.

Restoring MobileTogether Server consists of copying the backed-up files into place on the new installation.

Updating client connections to the server.


These procedures are described below.


Backing up MobileTogether Server

Before starting a backup, MobileTogether Server must be stopped. (This is necessary in order to avoid inconsistency between the DB status of live files and backup files.) The MobileTogether Server files that need to be backed up are located by default in the application data folder (see below). The .cfg configuration file can be edited with a text editor, as an alternative to changing settings via the Web Administration Interface or the Command Line Interface.


The location of the application data folder depends on the operating system and platform, and, by default, is as follows.










The following table lists the main files and folders in the application data folder.



Default directory for caches of solutions. If a cache is not available, it will be recreated automatically at runtime.


Default directory for log files that are created when the Logging to file option is enabled and for general MobileTogether Server logs.


Default directory for XML or image files referenced from deployed solutions.


PEM file with certificate needed for secure (SSL) communication.


PEM file with private key needed for secure (SSL) communication.


This is the main database file (SQLite) that stores the MobileTogether Server object system, user data, deployed solutions, files, and others.


This is the database file (SQLite) that stores the MobileTogether Server logs.


Stores global configuration settings of MobileTogether Server (port number, solutions directory, etc)


File with ID of registered LicenceServer client.


Contains the address of the LicenseServer and failover if one is specified.


Note:Before the installation of every new version of MobileTogether Server, the files and folders listed above are, by default, copied to a backup folder located in the application data folder (see table above). The name of each backup folder contains the backup date and time. If you wish to disable automatic backup before the next installation, do this in the Upgrade Settings section of the Settings | Misc tab.


Restoring MobileTogether Server

To restore a previous configuration of MobileTogether Server from backup files (see above), do the following:


1.Install the same version of MobileTogether Server as that from which you backed up (see above).

2.Stop MobileTogether Server.

3.Copy the backed-up files (see above) into the correct folders on the new installation.

4.Start MobileTogether Server.


Updating client connections to the server

If you have moved MobileTogether Server to another machine (with new settings, such as a new IP address), client device settings to connect to MobileTogether Server must be updated. See Information for Clients for details.


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