Altova MobileTogether Server Advanced Edition

MobileTogether Server must be registered with an Altova LicenseServer on your network. The LicenseServer settings specify the LicenseServer machine to connect to, and enables you to register MobileTogether Server with LicenseServer. See the section, Setting Up MobileTogether Server for information about licensing. If you modify any setting, click Save (at the bottom of the tab) for the modified setting to take effect.


To search for LicenseServers on your network, click the Search button. The detected LicenseServers are listed in the dropdown list of the combo box. From this list, select the LicenseServer that you wish to connect to.

To enter a server address, click the Manually Enter Address button, and enter the server address.


When the LicenseServer is found, Register with LicenseServer becomes enabled. Click the button to register MobileTogether Server with LicenseServer. Click Acquire License to go to LicenseServer and assign a license to MobileTogether Server.


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