Altova MobileTogether Server Advanced Edition

Web UI Reference

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MobileTogether Server has a Web User Interface (Web UI) with which you can easily configure MobileTogether Server. The Web UI can be opened in any Internet browser on any of the supported operating systems.


Accessing the Web UI of MobileTogether Server

The MobileTogether Server Web UI is accessed as follows:



Web UI tabs

The Web UI is the administrator interface of MobileTogether Server. The various administrative functions are available in the following Web UI tabs:


Workflows: An interface for managing the server's container structure and container permissions.

Users and Roles: To set up user accounts and roles, and the privileges associated with users and roles. The access rights of users are defined in this tab.

User licenses: Shows the mobile devices that are currently licensed, and their license details.

Log: Displays the logged server actions according to the selected filters.

Cache: This tab shows the details of caches that are currently available on the server. Caches can also be activated/deactivated and deleted.

Backup and Restore: Provides (i) settings for configuring backups, and (ii) the ability to restore from available backups.

Settings: MobileTogether Server settings, such as access ports, log settings, and server session timeouts, are defined in this tab.


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