YAML Tools in XMLSpy

YAML Editor and Validator

  • Syntax highlighting
  • YAML wellformedness checking
  • Validate YAML against JSON Schema
  • Convert YAML to JSON / XML
  • Convert XML to YAML
  • Convert JSON to YAML
  • Generate JSON Schema from YAML

Advantages of YAML

Short for "YAML Ain't Markup Language," YAML is a human-readable data serialization format that is commonly used for configuration files, data exchange, and application programming. Most programming languages provide libraries or built-in support for YAML parsing. It is designed to be easy to read and write, making it an excellent choice for configurations that need to be edited by humans.

One of the primary advantages of YAML is its simplicity and flexibility. YAML uses indentation and colons to define hierarchical structures, making it concise and easy to understand. It supports a variety of data types, including scalars (strings, numbers, booleans), sequences (lists), and mappings (key-value pairs). YAML also supports anchors and aliases, which allow for data reuse and enable complex data structures to be represented efficiently.

YAML files typically end with a .yaml or .yml extension.

YAML Editor

YAML editor in XMLSpy

Many modern applications and systems use a combination of XML, JSON, and YAML for configuration files, data exchange, and API payloads.

In addition to its YAML editor, XMLSpy provides rich support for XML and JSON. Supporting all these formats in one editor gives developers the flexibility to work with files from different sources and integrate them into their projects seamlessly.

XMLSpy YAML tools include:

  • Editing YAML with syntax highlighting
  • Source folding and line numbers
  • Wellformedness checking
  • YAML validator
  • Generation of JSON Schema from YAML document
  • One click YAML converter

YAML Validator

Since the YAML spec does not include a schema, XMLSpy supports validating YAML documents against JSON Schemas for data consistency and error checking.

You can assign a JSON Schema to your YAML document in the JSON tab of the XMLSpy Info Window. Upon validation, results will be highlighted in the document and details will be displayed in the Messages window. You can click an error in the Messages window to go to that error in the document for quick troubleshooting.

Convert YAML

To enable compatibility and interoperability, XMLSpy supports one-click conversion between YAML, XML, and JSON.

This includes converting:

  • JSON to YAML
  • XML to YAML
  • YAML to JSON / XML
  • YAML to JSON Schema
Convert JSON to YAML in XMLSpy

XMLSpy can generate a JSON schema from a YAML document. This feature is very useful because it quickly provides you with a JSON Schema based on an existing YAML document saving you the work associated with manually creating a schema from scratch. You can then modify or extend the generated schema according to your requirements.