OldAuthenticView.IsTextStateEnabled (obsolete)

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OldAuthenticView.IsTextStateEnabled (obsolete)

Superseded by AuthenticRange.CanPerformAction


Use spyAuthenticApply for the eAction parameter. The CanPerformAction method allows to operate on any range of the document, not only the current UI selection.


// ----- javascript sample -----

// instead of:

// Application.ActiveDocument.DocEditView.IsTextStateEnabled ("bold");

// use now:

if (Application.ActiveDocument.AuthenticView.Selection.CanPerformAction (spyAuthenticApply, "bold"))

   ... // e.g. enable 'bold' button


See also


Declaration: IsTextStateEnabled (i_strElementName as String) as Boolean



Checks to see if it is possible to apply a text state. Common examples for the parameter elementName would be strong and italic.




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