Altova FlowForce Server 2023 Advanced Edition

To register FlowForce Server from the command line interface, use the licenseserver command:

sudo /usr/local/Altova/FlowForceServer2023/bin/FlowForceServer licenseserver [options] ServerName-Or-IP-Address


For example, if localhost is the name of the server on which LicenseServer is installed:

sudo /usr/local/Altova/FlowForceServer2023/bin/FlowForceServer licenseserver localhost  


In the command above, localhost is the name of the server on which LicenseServer is installed. Notice also that the location of the FlowForce Server executable is:



You can also register FlowForce Server from the FlowForce Server Setup page. In Applications, double-click the FlowForce Server icon. This opens the FlowForce Server Setup page in the browser, where you can carry out the registration.


If the name of the Mac machine cannot resolve to an IP address (see the prerequisites), the browser opens a page with the following message: "FlowForceWeb does not appear to be available at http://<hostname>:<port>. Please restart it and reload this page." If you see this message, do the following: (i) Click the link given in the message; (ii) In the browser's address bar, replace <hostname> with either localhost or the IP address of your Mac.


After successful registration, go to the Client Management tab of LicenseServer's configuration page to assign a license to FlowForce Server.


Note:For more information about registering Altova products with LicenseServer, see the LicenseServer user manual.


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