Altova FlowForce Server 2023 Advanced Edition

Version 2019 Release 3


Web services created with FlowForce Server can now accept the body of the HTTP POST request as a job parameter, see Web Service Parameters. For an example, see Post JSON to FlowForce Web Service.

The logging capabilities of FlowForce Server have been enhanced, with the help of the new log expression function and new logging settings, see Changing the Logging Settings.


Version 2019


FlowForce Server can now be integrated not only with Windows Active Directory, but also with other Directory Service providers that support LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), see Changing the Directory Service Settings.

FlowForce Server Advanced Edition benefits from distributed execution of jobs. It is now possible to set up multiple FlowForce Server instances as a cluster and redistribute job processing workload across multiple machines. See Distributed Execution and Load Balancing.

A new FlowForce Server built-in function is available, send-mime, that enables you to customize e-mail messages sent by FlowForce Server (for example, prepare the HTML body or attachments by running a StyleVision Server transformation). The new function also makes it possible to customize the SMTP headers using MIME Expression Functions available in FlowForce.



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