Altova FlowForce Server 2023 Advanced Edition

Default Users

The following special users are predefined in FlowForce Server.


user root

This user is the initial, top-level FlowForce Server administrator. By default, it has all permissions and privileges available in the system.

user anonymous

This is a special user account for users that do not explicitly log in. Anonymous access to the FlowForce Server Administration Interface is not possible, but you can enable anonymous access for certain services exposed as Web services (see Exposing Jobs as Web Services).

The built-in users cannot be deleted, although it is possible to change their privileges.


Note:User user root can change any privileges and permissions, including own permissions and privileges. Take extra caution when logged in as userroot and editing root privileges, since you may unintentionally lose your own access to the system. In the event that this happens, see Resetting the Root Password.


Default Roles

The following special roles are predefined in FlowForce Server.


role authenticated

This role includes all users who are authenticated using an existing user name and password. Every FlowForce Server user except user useranonymous is a member of this role. By default, this role has the Set own password privilege.

role all

This role includes all FlowForce Server users, including user useranonymous. By default, this role has no privileges.


Since the roles role authenticated or role all are built-in, you cannot explicitly assign these roles to users or revoke them from users. The membership of the built-in roles is automatically managed by FlowForce Server. Every time when you add a new user, FlowForce Server automatically assigns to the new user both the role role authenticated and the role role all.


If you want to change the privileges of any of the built-in users and roles, you should carefully analyze the potential impact. To get a global view of all currently assigned privileges, use privilege reports (see Privilege Reports).


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