Altova FlowForce Server 2023 Advanced Edition

After you have completed the installation and licensing of FlowForce Server, carry out the following tasks to finish the setup.


1.Enter setup mode to go to the Setup page, where you can specify various network settings, including the interface and port on which FlowForce Server and FlowForce Web Server should listen. See Setup Page.

2.Configure the network address and port of the Web administration interface. See Defining the Network Settings.

3.Log on to the Web administration interface (by default, this is http://localhost:8082  unless you changed the address and port in the previous step). Here you can carry ou various administration tasks, such as changing the default password. The default login name and password is root and root, respectively.

4.If other Altova server products have been installed alongside FlowForce Server (for example, MapForce Server, StyleVision Server, RaptorXML Server), you might want to set environment variables for them. See Setting Environment Variables.


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