Altova FlowForce Server 2023 Advanced Edition

Users are persons who log on to FlowForce Server to configure jobs, deploy MapForce or StyleVision transformations, or manage the FlowForce Server. The actions available to users in FlowForce Server depend on the following:

a) Their assigned permissions or privileges

b) The permissions and privileges assigned to any roles that users are members of.

To add a FlowForce Server user:

1.Click Administration, and then click Users.

2.Click Create User.

3.Fill in the required fields.


User name

Enter the name of the user. The following restrictions apply:

It must not be empty

It must not begin with or end with spaces

The allowed characters are letters, digits, underscore ( _ ), dash ( - ), and full stop ( . )


Enter the user's password.

Re-type password

Re-type the user's password.

Change password on next login

If you select this check box, the user will be prompted to change password on next login.


4.Optionally, grant the required privileges to the user (for the description of available privileges, see Privileges). Note that you can grant privileges to users either directly from this page, or by assigning to them a role which already has some privileges. To simplify user maintenance, it is recommended to use the latter approach (see Adding Roles and Assigning Roles to Users).

5.Click Save.

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