Altova FlowForce Server 2023 Advanced Edition

Setting Mail Parameters

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If you are creating jobs that send emails, you need to configure the SMTP address and port of the mail server, as well as the SMTP credentials.


FlowForce will first attempt to establish a connection encrypted over TLS or SSL. If the encrypted connection fails, FlowForce attempts to start communication without encryption, and then might elevate connection to encrypted if the SMTP server would explicitly require it. Otherwise, the SMTP connection remains in plain text.

To change the mail settings:

1.Log on to the FlowForce Web administration interface.

2.Click Administration.

3.Click Settings.

4.Under SMTP Server and SMTP port, enter the name and port of the mail server, respectively. Standard SMTP servers accept connections on port 25. SMTP servers that require connection to be encrypted over SSL/TLS protocol accept connections on other ports, typically 465 or 587.

5.If your SMTP server requires authentication, click the plus icon next to User authentication and enter the username and password.

6.Optionally, enter a RFC2822–compliant mailbox address value in the Default Sender field. The value entered here is used as the default From parameter of the builtin_function/system/mail/send and builtin_function/system/mail/send-mime functions.

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