Altova FlowForce Server 2023 Advanced Edition


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FlowForce Server is a cross-platform software solution used to automate tasks on Windows, Linux, and macOS servers and workstations through a Web interface.




FlowForce Server integrates with other Altova server products (MapForce Server, StyleVision Server, and both flavors of Raptor XML Server) and extends their functionality by means of recurring or on-demand jobs, including jobs that run as Web services. For example, by virtue of integration with MapForce Server and StyleVision Server, you can run a MapForce mapping or a StyleVision transformation as a recurring FlowForce job. Likewise, by virtue of integration with RaptorXML Server, you can validate XML or JSON files as an on-demand job exposed as a Web service.


With FlowForce Server you can also create and automate various other common server tasks, such as sending emails, managing files on the local system or network, managing files through a File Transfer Protocol (FTP), running shell scripts, and others. The Advanced Edition of FlowForce Server can send or accept AS2 messages and adds support for distributed execution of jobs on multiple servers running as a cluster.


Last updated: 29 March 2023

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