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Password Policies

A password policy defines the strength of passwords that use that policy. You can define your own password policies and apply different policies to different users. The Users and Roles | Password Policies tab (screenshot below) displays all defined password policies, enables you to create new policies, assign policies to users, and delete policies.


Note:By default every new user is assigned the default password policy, which does not define any constraint and cannot be changed. If you want users to have stronger passwords than defined by the default policy, create a strong policy and assign this policy to individual users.


Click to expand/collapseCreating a password policy

A new password policy can be created by root user or any user that has the Maintain users, roles, and privileges privilege. Create a new password policy as follows:


1.In the Users and Roles | Password Policies tab, click Create Policy (see screenshot below). This displays the Create Password Policy page.


2.On the Create Password Policy page, give the policy a name.
3.To define the constraints of the password, click the plus icon next to a constraint (Total length; Letters; Digits), and enter a value for the constraint (see screenshot below).


4.Click Save to finish.


After you have saved the policy, you can assign users to it in the Members pane at the bottom of the page (see next section). You can subsequently edit a policy's properties by clicking its name in the list of policies in the Users and Roles | Policies tab.



Click to expand/collapseAssigning members (users) to a password policy

A password policy can be applied to a user by adding the user as a member of the policy in the Members pane at the bottom of the policy's Properties page (see screenshot below).


All available users are listed on the left. All users that are members of the policy are listed on the right. Select the user that you want to assign as a member from the list on the left, and click Assign. To remove an assigned user, select it in the list on the right, and click Remove. The screenshot above, for example, shows the Members pane of the MediumSecurity policy. It has a single member, the user TechWriter-01.



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