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The Sources tab enables you to (i) specify the folder in which data files of solutions are stored, and (ii) define and manage a server file that contains connection information for databases. If you modify any setting, click Save at the bottom of the tab for the modified setting to take effect.


Click to expand/collapseServer side solution's working directory

When solutions are run on the server, this setting specifies the following:


The base URI of all relative paths in the design. In a design, the paths of all files that are not deployed to the server will be resolved relative to the directory specified in this setting. For example, if a file in the design is addressed with a relative path of MTSData\Test.xml, then, if the file is not deployed, it must be located at: <Working-Directory-Setting-Of-Server>MTSData\Test.xml. (If the file is deployed to the server, the design uses internal mechanisms to access the files.)
If, in the design, the file's location is given by an absolute path, then this path must point to a location inside a directory that is a sub-directory of the Working Directory specified in this setting. For example, if the file is addressed with the absolute path: C:\MTSData\Test.xml, then the file will be accessed only if the Working Directory is C:\ or C:\MTSData.


The Working Directory setting, in effect, restricts any read/write access to local files during execution of solutions. Only files inside the Working Directory or any of its sub-directories can be accessed by MobileTogether Server for the execution of solutions.



Click to expand/collapseServe-side database connections

This setting (screenshot below) enables you to save database (DB) connections to a DB-connections XML file on the server. Server-side DB connections can then be made and used by a solution's Read DB Structure action to read the data in a DB (see the MobileTogether Designer user manual for details of how to define this action action).


Note:   This setting is displayed only if the corresponding privilege, Read database structures, has been enabled for the current user.


Note:   This feature (server-side DB connections) is Windows-specific, and is therefore not available on a Linux-based or macOS-based MobileTogether Server.


To create a new server-side DB connection or to manage existing connections, click Define Server-side DB Connections (see screenshot above). In the dialog that appears, select Altova Define Server Side DB Connections, and click Open Link. If you are prompted for credentials to access the server, enter these and click OK. The Define Server Side Database Connections dialog appears (screenshot below).


To create a server-side DB connection, do the following:


1.Click the Add DB button in the toolbar at top left (see screenshot above).
2.In the DB Connection Wizard that now appears, add a new DB connection by following the wizard's steps.
3.After the DB connection has been created, it appears in the dialog. You can modify the name if you want to by double-clicking the name and editing it. The screenshot above shows that a connection named companySales has been created.
4.Click Save to Server (see screenshot above) to save the connection to the server. The connection will be added to an XML file (located on the server) in which all defined DB connections are stored.


The following additional actions can be carried out from the Define Server Side Database Connections dialog:


Delete a connection by selecting it in the dialog and clicking the Delete button in the toolbar at top left. Click Save to Server to save the modification to the DB-connections file.
Click Load from Server to load the connections that are currently stored in the DB-connections file into the dialog.
Test a DB connection by selecting it and clicking Test Connection. The success or failure of the test is reported in a message window.
Click Test All Connections to test all the connections currently in the window. A message window displays a list of all the connections together with the test result of each.
The Change Server button enables you to select the MobileTogether Server on which the DB connections are to be saved.










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