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The Settings tab enables you to configure various aspects of the way MobileTogether Server functions. The settings are organized into a number of tabs; the Cache tab, which contains cache settings is shown in the screenshot below. If you wish to modify a setting, go to its tab, and modify the setting as required. Click the Save button at the bottom of the tab for the modified setting to take effect.




The subsections of this section describe the settings in each tab:


Network: Settings for mobile client ports, administrator ports, and SSL certificates
Logging: Logging settings
LDAP: Settings for Directory service login
JWT: JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication settings
Cache: cache settings
Misc: Settings for server statistics, server simulations, workflow execution on server, session timeouts, backups on upgrade, and email sending,
Sources: Server-side data folder location, and management of server-side database connections
LicenseServer: Registration and licensing with Altova LicenseServer


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