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Using MobileTogether Server

To set up MobileTogether Server for use with MobileTogether clients:


Install and configure MobileTogether Server
Deploy MobileTogether solutions from MobileTogether Designer to MobileTogether Server
Configure MobileTogether Client apps (on mobile devices) to access solutions on a MobileTogether Server


The steps in more detail:


1.Install MobileTogether Server

MobileTogether Server runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS systems. Before installing a new version of MobileTogether Server, de-install any previous version. See Installation on Windows, Installation on Linux, and Installation on macOS.



2.License MobileTogether Server

In order to license MobileTogether Server, it must be able to connect to a LicenseServer on your network. Start MobileTogether Server, register MobileTogether Server with LicenseServer, and assign a license to MobileTogether Server from LicenseServer. See Licensing on Windows, Licensing on Linux, and Licensing on macOS.



3.Set up SSL encryption

If you wish to encrypt server-client communication, you can set up SSL encryption for MobileTogether Server (see Setting Up SSL Encryption). Additionally, you will need to configure MobileTogether Client apps to communicate via SSL. See the MobileTogether Client app user manual.



4.Define basic settings
5.Set up user accounts

MobileTogether Server is always accessed via a user account, so user accounts have to be set up appropriately. There are two types of access:


Administrator access: Administrator access is via the Web UI and is used to carry out administrative tasks. Administrative actions include defining communication settings, security settings, and managing user accounts.
End-user access: End user access is via a mobile device and is used to download MobileTogether solutions to the client. Access to solutions on the server is determined by the user account the client logs in with.



6.Deploy MobileTogether solutions to MobileTogether Server

MobileTogether solutions are deployed from within the MobileTogether Designer application. See the MobileTogether Designer user manual.



7.Configure MobileTogether Client apps to access MobileTogether Server

MobileTogether Client apps on mobile devices must be configured to connect to MobileTogether Server. The MobileTogether Server information that is required for configuring MobileTogether Client apps is listed in the section, Information for Clients. Also see the MobileTogether Client app user manual.




Server IP address and network firewall settings

Your server can have a public IP address (accessible over the Internet) and/or a private IP address (accessible within a private network; for example, via WiFi within a company network). If a mobile client device tries to connect via the Internet using the server's private IP address, then the connection will not work. This is because the private IP address is not known on the Internet and cannot be resolved. If a client device uses a private IP address, then the client device must already have access to the private network.


To ensure that the server can be accessed, do one of the following:


Provide the server with a public IP address so that it can be reached via the Internet. On the client device, use this public IP address to access the server.
If you use a firewall and install MobileTogether Server on a server with a private IP address (inside the private network), then use the network firewall to forward requests sent to a public IP-address/port-combination to your MobileTogether Server server. On the client device, use the public IP address.


You must also ensure that the firewall is configured to allow access to the server port used for MobileTogether Client communication. The ports used by MobileTogether Server are specified in the Settings page of the the Web UI of MobileTogether Server (see the MobileTogether Server user manual). On the client device, this is the port that must be specified as the server port to access.


Tip: Port 80 is usually open on most firewalls by default. So, if you are having difficulties with firewall settings and if port 80 is not already bound to some other service, you could specify port 80 as the MobileTogether Server port for client communication.



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