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Reporting Country

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The Reporting Country pane of the solution's main page (screenshot below) specifies the county to which the CbC Report will be sent.




The OECD publishes XML Schemas that describe the structure of a CbC Reporting message. Messages created for submission to a Tax Authority must comply with that authority's stipulated schema.


You can select the OECD XML Schema version you want; the default is 2.0. Altova CbC reporting solution checks the validity of messages against the selected schema. You can additionally validate messages against this schema by using a standard XML validator application, such as Altova XMLSpy.


In a number of countries, however, Tax Authorities have defined additional business rules and validation requirements that cannot be verified by a standard XML application. Altova CbC reporting solution checks the validity of messages for the additional rules of individual countries. Some countries with additional rules are Switzerland, Belgium, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Isle of Man.


When you select a country in the Reporting Country field, the rules set against which the CbC Reporting message will be validated is displayed below the field. Compare the special rules for Belgium in the screenshot below with the OECD schema that will be used by the Tax Authorities in Austria (see screenshot above).




Altova will add support for the rules of more countries as these become known, and invites customers to contact Altova should they need support for the specific validation rules of their own country.


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