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Additional Information

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The Additional Information tab (screenshot below) displays additional information about the summary information of different countries. Additional information is given per summary information item (such as Profit or Loss) of a given country (see screenshot).


Note:If you have imported data from an Excel template, the additional information data is taken from the Additional Info table of the template.



Click to expand/collapse


Note the following points:


You can edit the additional information of each entry.

To add a new additional information item, click Add Additional Info at the top right of the tab, and edit the entry that is appended to the list.

To delete the additional information, click its Delete button.

Click Verify if you want to check whether any data is missing or incorrect in some way.

When done with all modifications, save the report by clicking Save & Close.


Note: You can subsequently view or edit a saved report. To do this, click View Existing Reports on the app's main page.


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