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Template Structure

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The Excel Template for Import (screenshot below) consists of five sheets (see bottom screenshot):


A How-To sheet, which provides a broad overview of how to use the template

Three data tables, named, respectively: Summary Information, Business Activities, and Additional Info

A sheet name Aux, which contains report-related information for reference, such as item codes, country codes, and currency codes



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Overview of Excel data structure

The three tables of the Excel template are related to each other as follows:


Table-1: Summary Information contains a summary of information about each country in which the reporting entity is active, with each country being reported on a single line. Each country is identified by its unique country code.

Table-2: Business Activities contains details of related businesses across all the countries reported in Table-1. Each business is keyed to the country of its tax jurisdiction by that country's country code. In the solution's interface, all the businesses in each country will be grouped together.

Table-3: Additional Info provides additional information for each summary category (see the Aux sheet) within each country. For example, you can provide additional information about the summary category CBC609: Number of Employees in the tax jurisdiction of Ireland, as well as about the summary category CBC603: Total Revenue in the tax jurisdiction of Ireland. Each country is identified by its unique country code, and each summary reference is identified by its unique reference code. Additional information for each item is restricted to 4000 characters.


If you look at the How-To sheet's screenshot above, you will see that the first three steps briefly explain how to enter data in the three tables described above. Each of the tables s described in more detail in the rest of this chapter.


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