Altova CbC Reporting Solution

Quick Start

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Altova CbC Reporting Solution (hereafter also referred to as "CbCR" or "app" for short) provides an easy-to-use web interface for entering your CbC reporting data. This Quick Start guide takes you through the steps involved in creating your report. You will learn how to:


Start CbCR

Navigate from the Main Page

Select the reporting country (the country to which the CbC report will be sent)

Enter information about your company (the reporting entity)

Download an Excel template and fill it in or link to existing Excel data. This template will help you to import into the report any existing Excel data that you might have

Create a report, and see how the report is structured in the app's interface

Import data from your Excel template into the report

Edit the report and add information to it so that it is complete

Manage your existing reports

Create a correction report

Import a CbCR message that was generated in another system

Generate the XML file of one or more reports for Tax Authorities


After you go through this Quick Start, you will become familiar with the key features of Altova CbC Reporting Solution and should be able to use the solution with ease thereafter.


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