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Excel Template for Import

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Data for the CbC report is entered in a new report, which you can create by clicking Create New CbC Report in the Create New Report pane of the main page (see screenshot below).


This data can be entered manually in the report's interface. However, it is easier to import the data from a special Excel Template, which you can download. After the data is imported from the template into the report, it can be saved and edited.




The Excel Template for Import

The Excel Template for Import has a specific structure. To use it follow the steps given below:


1.In the Use Excel Template pane of the main page (see screenshot above), click Download Excel Template for Import to download the template to a file location on your system.

2.Rename the template suitably.

3.Open the template in Excel and add report information to it. You can do this either manually or by linking to already existing Excel sheets. The sections of this chapter describe the Excel template.

4.After you finish adding data to the template in Excel, save the Excel file as XML (via Excel's File | Save As command), and note the location where you saved it. See the section Save as XML for details.

5.After you create a new report (via the Create New CbC Report button of the Create New Report pane; see screenshot above), you can import the XML file you generated from the Excel template. How to do this is described in Import from Excel.

6.You can save the report containing the imported data and edit the imported data at any subsequent time. See Create Report for information about how to work with the report data.


In the rest of this chapter we describe the Excel template. In the next chapter, Create Report, we discuss the interface of the report and how to work with it.


Excel's data linking feature

Excel enables cells and cell-ranges in different worksheets and in different files to be linked. This feature can be used to link the Excel Template for Import to data cells in your legacy Excel files (Excel files that you have maintained over the past). After a link has been made, any change in the source Excel file (your legacy file) will be automatically passed to the Excel Template for Import. This happens as soon as the files are connected over a network after the source file is changed and the destination file is opened. Please see your Excel documentation for information about how to link data between files.


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