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The Business Activities table (screenshots below) lists the business activities of the reporting entity's constituent entities (subsidiaries or affiliates) in all tax jurisdictions. Each constituent entity is listed in its own row together with its tax jurisdiction and business activities. In the screenshot below, for example, you can see that the reporting entity has 10 constituent entities based in the tax jurisdiction of Argentina.


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Add data to this table as follows:


Each constituent entity is listed in its own row. The name of the constituent entity is listed in the Constituent Entities in the Tax Jurisdiction column (shown highlighted).

The tax jurisdiction is entered in the first column by selecting the appropriate country from the dropdown list for that column. The country code is entered automatically in the next column.

The address details of the constituent entity are optionally entered in the columns B to K.

Although domiciled in one country, a constituent entity might come under the tax jurisdiction of another country. Columns L and M contain the tax jurisdiction of the organization or incorporation.

Enter the Tax ID of the constituent entity in Column O.

Each business activity is assigned a column (R to AD). If a business activity applies to a given constituent entity, then enter 1 in that column. If the constituent entity is involved in some business activity other than those listed here, then enter 1 in the Other column, and, in the last column, enter details of those business activities.

Data in the cells need not be entered directly. You can also link to source Excel files (see Excel's data linking feature).


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Where business activities are shown in the solution

After the Excel data has been imported into the CbC Reporting Solution solution, the business activities of each constituent entity is displayed in the Report Data tab of the report. In the screenshot below, see the area boxed in red.





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