Altova CbC Reporting Solution

Import a CbCR Message

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You can import a CbC report (in XML format), even those generated by other applications, and edit it in the Altova CbC Reporting Solution.


Import a CbC report as follows:


1.In the the Import CbC Report pane of the app's main page, click Import CbC Message.

2.In the File Upload message box that appears, click OK.

3.In the File Upload dialog box, browse for the CbC report in XML format and click Open. The CbC report is imported and created as a new report with a status of Sent, and it is displayed in the solution.

4.Click Save & Close to add it to the existing reports in the solution's database. The report will now be available via the View and Edit Existing Reports pane.


Note that you can change the status of the imported report, but do this with care. If the report has already been submitted and you want to modify data in it or add data, then the correct procedure is to create a correction report.


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