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Please submit cases in English or German. As the majority of our technical support staff are English speaking, we recommend submitting your support case in English to ensure the quickest possible response time.

Please use this form to request basic technical support under a Support & Maintenance Package agreement or free technical support - the key code you enter into this form will determine the support level you are entitled to.

You may also use this form to enter a request for Altova Product Consulting.

The more information you provide to our support staff, the faster we will be able to resolve your issue and provide you with a response. Please make sure that you provide an accurate description of the problem and fill in all the required fields (marked in bold).

Customer Information

Please enter your name and company information here - this will help us in tracking your request properly:

If you already have an ALTOVA software product installed on your computer, you can find the key code and registration details in the HELP menu by choosing the Software Activation Option (should you have a pre 2007 version of one of our products, choose the Registration option from the HELP menu). Please make sure that you enter the name, company, and key code exactly as they appear in the Registration dialog to ensure faster processing. Please note that as of Version 2007 you can also use the Support Center Option in the Help menu. This option will pre-populate the company and key code fields of the support form for you convenience.


Please indicate which product and product version you are using, as well as your level of experience in using that product.

Equipment Information

To expedite your request it is sometimes necessary to reproduce an issue under the same hardware or software configuration - please provide as much information as possible here:

Support Request

Please provide a summary as well as an in-depth description. If you are describing a more complex case please provide detailed step by step instructions so that we will be able to reproduce the situation in our environment. Please provide all code snippets as separate files and upload these with your request.

File Attachments (max. 12 MB)

For most support issues, it is mandatory that we receive the XML document that you are having problems with and all associated files (e.g. XSLT Stylesheets, XML Schema documents, DTDs, etc.). Please prepare these files for transmission to us by putting them into a separate directory on your hard disk and then compressing that entire directory with WinZIP. This will enable our support staff to quickly determine if there is a problem in your file, or in any associated document.