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Altova RecordsManager

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Altova RecordsManager™ (also written as Altova RecordsManager or, in short as, RecordsManager) makes it possible to build business database solutions in record time using a powerful visual design interface. RecordsManager accelerates the creation of database driven apps by removing the need for backend development and manual coding. Its visual design paradigm lets you focus on the business objects you need to model so you can get your app in users’ hands quickly. The flexibility of RecordsManager thus enables you to create a wide range of databases, from simple book collections to more complex contract management systems.


Altova RecordsManager provides the following broad features:


Centralized data management

Unlimited, secure data storage

Links between related data tables  

Granular role and group-based permissions to control access to confidential information

Automatic reminders for important dates and deadlines

Search tools to find documents and details instantly

Printable reports

Full audit log and change tracking

Options to customize the app as little or as much as required

Customize the database, forms, fields, reports, and more

Select from different themes to configure your display colors and fonts

Database restore checkpoints


This documentation

This documentation is divided into the following parts:


General Information, which provides an overview of how RecordsManager works.

System Use, which describes how to use RecordsManager databases.



Last updated: 25 January 2024


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