XPath/XQuery multiply-yearMonthDuration function


Returns the result of multiplying the value of $arg1 by $arg2. The result is rounded to the nearest month.

Operator Mapping

Defines the semantics of the "*" operator when applied to an xs:yearMonthDuration and a numeric value.


$arg1 as xs:yearMonthDuration,
$arg2 as xs:double
) as xs:yearMonthDuration


The result is the xs:yearMonthDuration whose length in months is equal to the result of applying the fn:round function to the value obtained by multiplying the length in months of $arg1 by the value of $arg2.

If $arg2 is positive or negative zero, the result is a zero-length duration. If $arg2 is positive or negative infinity, the result overflows and is handled as described in .

For handling of overflow and underflow, see .


The expression op:multiply-yearMonthDuration(xs:yearMonthDuration("P2Y11M"), 2.3) returns xs:yearMonthDuration("P6Y9M").

Error Conditions

A dynamic error is raised if $arg2 is NaN.


Either duration (and therefore the result) may be negative.