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Altova DiffDog 2020 Enterprise Edition

After you have configured the synchronization actions on directory level and, if applicable, for individual files, you have to start a directory synchronization manually.

To start a directory synchronization:

1.Open a Directory Comparison window and run the comparison.

2.Open the Synchronize directories dialog box.

3.Choose either full synchronization or define detailed settings for different and missing files.

4.Optionally, adapt the default synchronization settings or change the synchronization action for individual files.

5.To run the directory synchronization, click the Start button. If you choose to not run the synchronization and abort the synchronization settings you defined in the Synchronize directories dialog box, click the Cancel button to return to the Directory Comparison window from where you opened the Synchronize directories dialog box.


After you have clicked the Start button, DiffDog displays a summary where the different actions are listed that will be performed during the synchronization.


You can click on OK to commit the changes or cancel the synchronization process.

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