Altova CbC Reporting Solution

Introduction to CbCR Quick Start (on Altova Cloud)

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Altova's County-by-Country Reporting Solution (hereafter, also Altova CbCR for short) enables you (i) to import and edit, or directly enter, your CbC Reporting (CbCR) data in a standard browser interface, and (ii) to generate XML output that is compliant with the OECD CbCR XML Schema definition.

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There are two ways to access Altova CbCR. You can choose whichever suits you better.


On Altova's cloud portal: After signing-up for the Altova Cloud Portal service, you can subscribe to Altova CbC Reporting Solution and quickly set up access for yourself and your team.

Via an on-premises installation: You can install Altova CbC Reporting Solution on your local network. Install the individual components required to run Altova CbCR separately. This way you can customize your CbCR installation to suit specific company-internal requirements.


Please see the Altova CbC Reporting Solution webpage for product information:


This documentation

This documentation describes how to quickly get started with using Altova CbCR.


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