Altova CbC Reporting Solution

Instead of entering your CbCR financial data manually into the Report Data tab, you can import the relevant data from an Excel template. This template can be downloaded from within the solution, and filled in. The advantage of using the template is that you can link the template's cells to existing Excel data that you have. This kind of linking ensures that the CbCR data in your template file is automatically kept up-to-date. When you are ready to import the Excel template data into the solution, all you need to do is the following:


1.Save the Excel template data as XML. How to do this is described in the topic Save as XML.

2.Import this XML file into the solution by using the solution's Import from Excel feature, described below.


Importing the Excel data

In order to import the Excel data, you must know the name and location of the XML file to which the Excel data was saved (see above).


To import, do the following:


1.Go to the Report Data tab of the Report page (see screenshot below).

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2.Click Import from Excel (see screenshot).

3.In the File Upload dialog that appears, browse for the XML file to which the Excel data was saved, and click Open.

4.The Excel data is imported. Information from the Summary Information and Business Activities tables of the Excel file are displayed in the Report Data tab of the solution. Data from the Additional Info table of the Excel file is displayed in the Additional Information tab of the solution. You can edit the imported data in these two tabs.

5.When you have finished importing and editing, save the report by clicking Save & Close. The report will appear in the list of saved reports.


Note: You can subsequently view or edit a saved report. To do this, click View Existing Reports on the app's main page.


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