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Altova StyleVision 2020 Professional Edition

The Format toolbar (screenshot below) is enabled in Design View and contains commands that assign commonly used inline and block formatting properties to the item/s selected in the SPS design.




Predefined HTML formats

The HTML format selected from the dropdown list is applied to the selection in Design View. For example, a selection of div applies HTML's Block (div) element around the current selection in Design View. The HTML format is converted to the corresponding RTF properties for the RTF output.


Text properties

The bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough inline text properties can be directly applied to the current selection in Design View by clicking on the appropriate button. Font style, font size, foreground and background color can also be applied via toolbar buttons.



Alignment properties (left-aligned, centered, right-aligned, and justified) can be directly applied to the selection in Design View.



Lists can be inserted at the cursor insertion point, or the selection in the SPS can be converted to a list.



Inserts a hyperlink at the cursor insertion point. See Hyperlink for a description of how to use this command.




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