Export as MobileTogether Design File

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Export as MobileTogether Design File

This command generates an Altova MobileTogether design file from the active SPS design. A MobileTogether design file is used to execute solutions in the MobileTogether app for mobile devices. For example, a MobileTogether solution can be opened in a mobile device, such as a smartphone, to view and edit the contents of a database. A MobileTogether solution is designed in Altova MobileTogether Designer. This command enables you to convert an SPS design into a MobileTogether design that can be edited in MobileTogether Designer. For more information, see the MobileTogether web page and MobileTogether Designer documentation. Conversions options are available in the MobileTogether Design tab of the Options dialog  (Tools | Options).


Note:Not all SPS design features have correspondences in MobileTogether designs. After running this command, you should therefore open the generated file in MobileTogether Designer to review it and, if necessary, correct it.


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