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Generating Output Files

After you have created a DB-based SPS, you can generate files related to it and save them. The following files can be generated and saved:


The XML Schema based on the DB structure
The XML file having the structure of the generated XML Schema and content from the DB
The XSLT file for HTML output
The HTML output file
The XSLT file for RTF output
The RTF output file


The files can be generated and saved from within the GUI or from the command line.


From within the StyleVision GUI


1.In the File menu, select the Save Generated Files item. This pops up the following submenu.




2.Select the file you wish to generate. This pops up the Save As dialog.
3.Browse for the desired folder, enter the desired filename, and click OK.


From the command line

From the command line, you can call StyleVision so that it generates and saves files associated with a DB-based SPS. You can save not only the XML Schema and XSLT files, but also an XML file with data from the DB, and HTML and RTF output files based on the design in the SPS.


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