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These appendices contain (i) information about the XSLT Engines used in StyleVision; (ii) information about the conversion of DB datatypes to XML Schema datatypes; (iii) technical information about StyleVision; and (iv) licensing information for StyleVision. Each appendix contains the sub-sections listed below:



XSLT Engine Information

Provides implementation-specific information about the Altova XSLT Engines, which are used by StyleVision to generate output.


Altova XSLT 1.0 Engine
Altova XSLT 2.0 Engine
Altova XSLT 3.0 Engine
XSLT and XPath/XQuery Functions




When DB fields are converted to XML nodes, the DB datatypes are converted to XML Schema datatypes. This appendix lists the mappings for the following source DBs.


MS Access
MS SQL Server



Technical Data

Provides technical information about StyleVision.


OS and memory requirements
Altova XML Parser
Altova XSLT and XQuery Engines
Unicode support
Internet usage



License Information

Contains information about the way StyleVision is distributed and about its licensing.


Electronic software distribution
License metering
End User License Agreement


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